Emily. She gets you.

And she understands how jewelry should make you feel. 


She’s an artist. 

Who along the way had careers as a broadcast journalist and an attorney. 

It’s been a fun ride. And like you, she’s so much more than her professional accomplishments. She’s a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend.


Emily began making jewelry in high school and the feeling of joy and calm as she combined colors, shapes, and textures to create tangible beauty remained with her.

As life would have it, her creativity was channeled through different professional prisms. She zigged. She zagged. And through it all, she was flexible - personally and professionally - taking in each experience that added different dimensions to how she thinks and feels and ultimately, how she creates jewelry.


Her jewelry is vibrant and elegant, just like the woman who wears it. 

The Emily Kuvin woman is fabulous. She’s accomplished and exceptional and her jewelry reflects that. And she wants some sparkle to take with her on this adventure called life.


Strong and symbolic, Emily’s jewelry speaks clearly - without saying a word. 

She splashes color across her iconic designs with gemstones and adds diamonds for the perfect amount of sparkle that always feels right. All her pieces are hand finished for that inimitable human touch. They are imbued with a sense of boldness and fun - elegance that references the classical - but is never boring.


Emily lives and works in New York City. It is her inspiration and her home. She loves to travel which sparks her creativity.


The city and travel provide an endless array of architectural details, art and opportunities to immerse herself in other passions such as archaeology and garden design. All her experiences are filtered through her mind and then subtly influence her designs. 


So wherever you are on your journey, take Emily Kuvin Jewelry with you. 

It’s the ultimate travel companion. 

Emily has a BA and a JD from Cornell University, and an MSJ from Northwestern University.