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Fall Jewelry Edit - What to Wear This Season

Looking for versatile fall jewelry that adds extra #KAPOW! 💥 to your wardrobe? These pieces make the perfect transition from day to night - shop convertible earrings, stud earrings, dome rings, solitaire rings, diamond necklaces to charms.

Fall Jewelry Edit – Earrings

Mini Stella Convertible Earrings

These Mini Stella Convertible Earrings feature 4 pavé diamond stars in 14K gold.

If you want fall jewelry you can wear from the office to a formal occasion, our 14K gold Mini Stella Convertible Earrings are the perfect choice!

These Mini Stella Convertible Earrings feature all gold starts and 1 pavé diamond star in 14K gold.

Wear the gold or diamond pavé studs alone or add a jacket with four additional articulated dazzling stars to light it up!

Stud Earrings

Mini Stella Stud Earrings with Pavé Diamonds

Our iconic Mini Stella Pavé stud earrings stand out on their own with 0.28 carats of dazzling diamonds.

Large Jubilation Studs: Pink, Yellow and Orange Sapphire

Inspired by autumn gardens, our Jubilation Studs will add a pop of color to your holiday festivities. They feature orange, yellow and pink sapphire baguettes set in 14K yellow gold.

Medium Jubilation Studs: Diamonds

Diamond studs match any outfit and season. Why look like everyone else when you can don our Jubilation studs featuring 14 diamond baguettes!

Fall Jewelry Edit - Rings

Dome Rings

Thin Dome Rings with Random Diamonds

When we think of fall jewelry, we immediately gravitate toward shiny gold diamond bands that can be worn individually or stacked like these Thin Dome Rings from our Athena Collection. Choose from a Square, Oval, or Ellipse center stone.

Gold Four Stone Dome Ring with Diamonds, Sapphire and Tourmaline

Wear fall jewelry that tells a story through color with our Four-Stone Dome Ring. Each stone represents something different to guide you through the season.

  • Diamonds for constancy, strength and love

  • Pink sapphire for peace, joy and wisdom

  • Green tourmaline for compassion

Solitaire Rings

Gold Mandarin Garnet Solitaire Ring

This mandarin garnet solitaire ring in 18K gold is a fall jewelry favorite! As sweet as pumpkin pie, this stone signifies faith, friendship, loyalty and truthfulness.

Lapis Lazuli Bonbon Ring

Fall jewelry with a classic and contemporary twist will never go out of style. This Bonbon Ring features a beautiful lapis lazuli stone in an east-west setting flecked with gold, reminiscent of twinkling stars. Simply heavenly!

Stack or pair with other Bonbon Collection rings such as Amethyst and Black Onyx.

Fall Jewelry Edit – Necklaces

Stella/KAPOW Charms

Wear your charms on a paperclip chain or a Florentine chain.

Add twinkling #KAPOW!💥 to your neckline with our Stella Charms! Customize your look with different chain and charm combinations such as our Mini Stella Pavé Diamond Charm, Gold Stella with Moonstone Charm or Stellina Nova with Scattered Diamonds Charm. You can also add these charms to chain of your own.

Gold Stella Necklace: Madeira Citrine

The original #KAPOW!💥, our iconic Stella necklace, should be on your fall jewelry list! It features a gorgeous orange Madeira citrine center stone scattered with six diamonds.

Stellina Nova Necklace: Pavé Diamonds

Try pieces such as our Stellina Nova Necklace when selecting fall jewelry for some elegant razzle-dazzle. This piece accents any outfit and layers perfectly with our Mini Stella Necklace with Pavé Diamonds.

Five Star KAPOW! Mini Stella Necklaces with Pave Diamonds

Oversized sweaters, leather skinnies, and our Five Star Mini Stella Necklace make a fall jewelry statement! Choose from 1 pavé diamond star or five pavé diamond stars to ignite your KAPOWer.

If you love what you see here, shop NEW Arrivals for your fall jewelry needs.

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